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Do Some Of The Old Home Cures For Easy Bruising Really Work?

Getting rid of bruising can be something that leaves you feeling stressed and drained. Plenty of us have to deal with bruising, but if you find that you cannot explain your bruising, or if it happens due to light bumps, you just want to get rid of them ASAP.

Remember that while there may be some great treatments out there that promise to literally get rid of your bruises overnight, there are plenty of old wives’ tales that can leave you with the same old bruises or even worse bruising later on. Make sure that you have good bruising cure information.

There is a myth about using heat to treat a bruise. You should not apply heat to your new bruise. Heat causes the local blood vessels to swell, and that increases blood flow. Heat enhances blood circulation to the bruise location, and that is a poor treatment idea for a new bruise. A much better choice is to apply a cold pack to the bruise to encourage rapid clotting.

A bruise forms when blood leaks from breaks to the small blood vessels just below the skin. More blood leaking at the blood site will cause the bruise to become darker and more visibly dramatic. Any addition of heat will likely cause a bruise to grow larger.

A second myth that has been widely circulated says that onions can help heal bruises. Someone’s grandmother might have stated that cold slices of onion can help cause bruises to vanish, but you’re better off saving the onion slices for your sandwich.

Putting onion on your bruise will only help you to smell like onions all day. The cold from an onion slice might provide some marginal help, but use a cold pack instead. While using an onion slice probably can’t make your bruise any worse, it absolutely is not going to help make your bruise any better.

Spend your time trying to find a remedy that can really help.You may have heard that milk makes a good bruise treatment, but that’s just another myth. Even though we know that milk is great for building strong bones, there is no evidence that it will help cure your bruise at all. Keep your milk, butter, and cottage cheese in the refrigerator, because even though lactic acid can be beneficial for your skin, dairy products have no use as a bruise treatment.

Remember that Orajel and other products like that are not going to do you any favors when it comes to your bruises. These things can reduce pain and they are meant to bring down swelling, but they are not intended for this purpose. The only benefit they are going to give you is the reduction of pain, so instead, look for something that addresses bruises specifically.

When you are looking to heal a bruise, remember that everyone has their own best way to cure it. We all bruise differently, because our bodies are all different, so work slowly and discover a cure that works on your bruises. This is something that can take some time, but finding the right cure is definitely out there.

Most people think it’s better to reduce bruising easily rather than look to some mythical cure for the bruise after it has occurred. Giving thought to an all natural supplement program like Bruises Be Banned, which has repeatedly proved that it can help prevent bruising altogether, is a reasoned path that could prove more beneficial to you.

Jan Doan, the “Doctor of Bruiseology” is renowned as the sole author to have authored a thorough reference book on bruising which gives anyone the means to learn how and why they bruise, and how they can learn to avoid the embarrassment of constant bruising.

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