Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas

If you love to make your own gifts or are craft-minded, we`ve got some great ideas for putting together some luxurious and enjoyable beauty gifts for the women and even men, in your life. Homemade gifts have a personal and thoughtful touch and wholesome and natural ingredients. Moreover, putting together beauty gifts at home is not as hard as you may think – in the time in takes you to scurry your way around time to shop for the perfect last-minute birthday gift you could put together a personalized and thoughtful gift that will be much appreciated.

A Great Gift For the Couple In Your Life

If you know a great couple that have any kind of special occasion coming up, we’ll show you how to make a great gift for them that they can both enjoy together. Store-bought massage oils are great, but why not give it a personal touch by making it yourself with simple and natural ingredients? This massage oil has a great scent, a rich Vitamin E base that hydrates and moisturizes skin and classic but simple packaging – you`ll have to fight the temptation to keep this gift for yourself, but remember there’s beauty in giving!

This is so easy! Pick out a nice jar with a solid lid, (an average jelly jar works great). Fill the jar with pure almond oil, found at any natural store and most grocery stores. Drop in one solid cinnamon stick, one vanilla and let sit for at least a week – the longer your mixture sits, the stronger the scent will be. When you’re ready, seep the contents of the jar through a mesh strainer, add the contents of two Vitamin E capsules and your done! If so desired, you can dress up the jar with some fabric or ribbon.

Nothing Beats Homemade Soap

Homemade soap is one of my favorite beauty luxuries. Not only is it easy to make, but the possibilities are endless when choosing the ingredients you want for your soap. There`s lots of great natural ingredients to choose from that have great hydrating and cleansing effects for the skin, calming and soothing scents and exfoliating properties.

Here’s a recipe for one soap that’s great for all of that!

Purchase a few bars of some natural soap – there`s great ones to choose from at your local natural store. Grate them with a cheese grater into a bowl and set aside. After purchasing a store-bought loofah pad, cut into small pieces and set aside. In a double boiler, melt soap until stringy and remove from heat. Immediately add loofah pieces and stir. Spoon soap into large mounds onto wax paper and let sit for one week. You`ll then want to turn the soap and let cure for an additional week. Package with fabric and ribbon and you`re done! You can experiment with this recipe by using different types of soaps or adding any of your favorite scents or oils.

This is just a sample of great homemade gift ideas to get the juices flowing. If you think you`d like to try your hand at homemade beauty gifts, there’s many more recipes to choose from on the Internet.

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