Client Testimonials

“I HATE exercising!  Obviously I would never have reached 431 lbs if it was a top priority in my life.  However, now that I have joined Amy’s fitness program, I look forward to it every week!  Amy really makes exercise fun and I leave every week feeling more inspired and energized!”


“If you want to do lots of reps within the same three or four exercises, Amy is not for you.  She has a big “bag of tricks” – she knows so many different moves that I never know what is coming next, and she moves the session along at a fast pace, so I am never bored… and since I am never bored, I stay energized and motivated in my workouts.”


“Amy embodies change. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, she retrained my attitude while I retrained my body. In a short time, I gained the confidence to walk into any fitness center and lift weights…facing the mirror. Amy instilled that confidence. She quietly discovered the athlete in me that I never knew.”


“For the first time in my life, Amy allowed me to see and feel the “ah ha” moment regarding food, diet, exercise and life change. Her energy, her power, and her perseverance is something you have to see for yourself… She has changed me as a mom, she helped my marriage, me as a friend… Thank you Amy for truly changing and saving my life…”


“Amy was the keynote speaker at the Washington DC Domestic Violence Summit. I left that day a different man. For the first time I cried for my past…As a former abuser, she made me see the light…she spoke directly to each and every person in that room. She changes lives, she motivates, she inspires…Thank you Amy for giving me hope…hope in becoming a better man, husband and father!”


“We run up and down the hill, lift weights in the weight room, do swimming exercises in the pool, and much more. Within the 3 weeks of training I’ve lost 7 pounds and I am sure this is just a beginning of my success story”. Amy and her team have given students hope, when for so many years we have been lost. We laugh, we cry, but for the first time I know what it feels like to be loved”

Lebra, Job Corps Student

“Simply said, Amy is AMAZING! Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, she is helping me train my attitude, mind, and body. She pushes me, reminds me of my potential, and ALWAYS acknowledges the smallest of accomplishments. I look forward to our training sessions and know no matter how I feel at the beginning of a session I WILL always feel better at the end.”